Archery Services

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At [company-name], our staff provides a variety of archery services designed to enhance your shooting experience through improved performance, accuracy, and comfort of use, as well as safety. General tune-ups will include a proper bow fitting, which is key to accuracy and efficiency when shooting. Our staff will fit your bow to your specifications, including draw length and draw weight.

Our services include:

  • Arrow repair
  • Bow repair
  • Bow setup
  • Bow string change
  • Bow tuning and fitting
  • Poundage adjustment
  • Rest and stabilizer installation
  • Shooting form consultation
  • Sight, scope, and peep installation
  • Bow Tune and Setup thumbnail

    Bow Tune and Setup

    Safety check, tune rest and tiller, adjust weight, wax string, total bow disassemble, lube axles and limb pockets and check timing. Paper tune, string condition, inspection/safety check and tear down with clean/lube.
  • Bow Stringing thumbnail

    Bow Stringing

    Part of a bow will wear out over time, including the string. When your bowstring needs replacing, consider NBS Outdoor / Hunting Store. Our trained technicians are experts at replacing strings so they match your draw weight and are correctly fitted for your bow. Have another problem or question about your bowstring? Ask our skilled service personnel.